Out of Stock Notification Extension For Magento 2

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Out of Stock Notification Extension For Magento 2 helps customers to get the updation of price change and stock status by notification. Here customers preferences are on priority:checking the trending products and put them in your store!

  • Automatically notification send to admin of low stock, out of stock and new subscriptions
  • Subscriptions can easily manage by users in their account
  • Enable/Disable function of price and stock subscriptions
  • Analytics dashboard is use to check the users activity
  • Guest visitors and customers can easily notify with this plugin
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Out of Stock Notification Extension For Magento 2

Inform customers and guests in due course with Out of Stock Notification Extension For Magento 2 about product stock status and price adjustments. Understand your interests further : Fill up your store promptly to find out the items are incredibly requested!

Advantages of Out of Stock Notification Extension

  • Activate subscription of stock and price
  • Check for Analytics dashboard consumer activity
  • Send updates to customers and guest visitors
  • Automatically report low inventory, stock out and new subscriptions to the administration
  • Customers can actually monitor their account subscriptions
Advantages of Out of Stock Notification Extension Page

Complete your stock promptly and not miss selling through knowing the appeal

  • Stock view and pricing warnings for various product groups
  • Customers can subscribe on the Category page for updates
  • Obtain permission to comply with GDPR criteria when subscribing to out-of-stock products.
  • Logged in Customers display stock and price alerts
  • Motivate the guests not to risk their email

Track customers with intelligent insight to buy behaviour.

The 'Analytics Dashboard' shows reports on created, submitted and organised stock requests.It facilitates the monitoring of the products and the subscriptions for 'latest events.'Use this knowledge to know your consumers' expectations and optimise conversions of newly recovered items.

  • Wise 'Dashboard Analytics'
  • Products 'Most Wanted'
  • Subscribers for a specific product
  • Current subscriptions
Track clients with intelligent insight to buy behaviour Page
Monitor Magento 2 inventory and market warnings page

Monitor Magento 2 inventory and market warnings

The Out of Stock Notification Extension for Magento 2 enables all stock and pricing subscriptions to be kept under check and monitored in convenient grids. As a response, the number of low stock alerts received by Magento 2 will be monitored and the stock can be recharged using products the consumer needs to purchase to see which buyers are waiting for price changes.

  • Grid of ‘Stock Alerts’
  • Grid of ‘Price Alerts’
  • Grid of ‘Stock Subscriptions’
  • Establish ‘New Subscription’

Automate systematic feedback process to get long-term sales

  • Inform consumers about the return of stocks and increases in rates
  • Customers can handle on their accounts easily
  • Tell the store manager every day about new stock and price subscriptions
  • Send Out of Stock Notification from the inventory alerts to admin to remind them of stock status
  • Notifies customers of good inventory and price updates subscriptions
Automate systematic feedback process
to get long-term sales Pages
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СE 2.0.x - 2.4.x; EE 2.0.x - 2.4.x
Out of Stock Notification

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