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GDPR Pro Extension for Magento 2 is used for online data security and privacy with the latest legislative EU requirements. It is used to get all consents and avoid penalties at your site.

  • Get multiple users access on various pages
  • Advanced popup is used to get cookie permission.
  • Customer can easily manage their personal data in their accounts.
  • Delete unrelated data automatically.
  • Store personal data in their own documentation.
  • Get all privacy access in one area.

GDPR Pro Extension for Magento 2

GDPR Pro Extension for Magento 2 is designed to improve data protection and privacy in order to allow on-line stores to meet the current EU legislative requirements. Please ensure that all consents are obtained and no fines are avoided.

Include all requirements of EU Cookie Law

For the all solution, you can receive additional Cookie Notice Extension for Magento 2 features to cover all EU cookie law requirements. Help customers understand how cookies are used to prevent fines for violation of the law.

  • Accept cookie permissions from users
  • Help clients change their choices
  • Fulfill all cookie consents collected
Cover all EU Cookie Law legislation requirements pages


  • Collect several policies individually to ensure the legality of processing
  • Have the consent of the user on the checkout page and restrict geolocation checkboxes
  • Checkboxes on contact us page attach both appropriate and unneeded consent.
  • Allow customers to select checkboxes during newsletter subscription

Show consumers that their rights are valued

Keeping with the GDPR ensures that all consumer privileges are protected entirely by Magento 2 stores. With the extension, which includes an advanced collection of measures that invite visitors to store for their data processing, all challenges raised by the new regulations can easily be overcome.

  • Priority to access details
  • To be ignored
  • Innovative: Choice to correct
  • To be qualified
  • Option to elimination
  • Data portability privileges
Show users that your respect their rights pages
Smartly manage customer consents in a lawful way pages

Intelligently and lawfully handle consumer consents

  • Register and view in a single grid all user consents
  • Follow the customer's drop-out
  • Recent documents save personal data
  • Customer Database upgrade easily
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