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Improved Sorting Extension For Magento 2 is an helpful tool for proprietor. Grow the use of your catalog with new search criteria. Let your clients browse catalog by their comfortability.

  • Every customer can have satisfactory sorting option.
  • Target on better executable products.
  • Classify out-of-stock products.
  • Sorting order can be change anytime.
  • Fully compatible for mobile.
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Improved Sorting Extension For Magento 2

Improved sorting extension For Magento 2 is a powerful instrument for customer service. Enhance your catalog's versatility with new search options! Let your future buyers search catalogues or categories with convenient criteria.

Usability increased with new sorting options

Reach the catalogue or categories of your clients by using some convenient criteria and receive more orders by first showing the most lucrative products. Further Magento 2 commodity sorting solutions should be available for customers and the search process should be both easy and useful. Draw the interest of consumers to your latest deals and latest collections and improve the transaction rate by driving featured items to the top instantly.

Usability increased with new sorting options pages
Options for reorder sorting pages

Options for reorder sorting

In the way that is most effective for your web store, drag and drop sorting options. The sorting choices are shown in the drop-down in accordance with the order stated. You can also easily deactivate any value, for instance. The shoppers won't lose a single product with the increased offerings. So, without any campaigns or even better sells, you have a chance to market your badly marketed goods.

Options for renaming sorting

The default feature cannot allow the store admins to customize the sorting options to the respective sales results. But many visitors to the website are searching for something new, famous and fashionable. Customers leave the shop as they are unable to find the precise item they desire. Enable them to sort the Magento 2 catalogue of visible and understandable titles by date or popularity. Specify the title for the sorting method that would interest your target audience.

Options for renaming sorting pages
Show yotpo reviews in 'Reviews Count' sorting pages

Show Yotpo Reviews in 'Reviews Count' sorting

Specify the title for the sorting method that would interest your target audience. Not the only way to achieving customer purchase fulfilment is the product summary. They trust nothing but scores and recommendations because their fellow customers give this input. Because of the compatibility with the common Yotpo Reviews extension, customer reviews can be easily obtained and the buying decisions can be supported by sorting by ranking on Magento 2 website sites.

Most view products Sorting

Items others definitely have or wish to draw others' interest. This is particularly so as everybody is looking for the right gifts for their friends during the holiday season. Views are clearly much quicker than orders. From the most viewed product choice, you can tell customers which items are famous over the defined duration, even if your store does not have the best selling yet.

Most view products Sorting
price sorting pages

Price Sorting

Price is, clearly, one of the biggest purchasing decision factors. Customers will easily find the items they like with the useful price sorting in Magento 2: 'low to high,' 'high to low' or 'best savings.' By giving more detailed results on the commodity price differentiation, the sorting technique is made as simple as possible. Boost the consumer satisfaction by stressing and enhancing their shopping experience the gap between normal pricing and special price.

Set default sorting options

Configure and highlight the special default sorting by shifting certain items to the top of the list. Drive sales to the most common search results items and category pages by drawing customers' interest. The basic method and the following two formulas can be defined accordingly with the Magento 2 sorting extension for your business.

Default sorting choices customise
Default sorting choices customise

Sort for categories customise

Extra versatility for various products is a must for big retailers of many product styles. It can be modified, reordered and deactivated on the basis of a group with the Improved Sorting module. Set sorting orders for particular categories or set the chosen default list to advertise the items for and category in a better way.

List 'Out of Stock' products last

Display products with zero quantities at the bottom of the page, so that the clients are not fooled. Users can also view and check for out-of-stock products, but above, products that you can sell can be viewed automatically. It may be particularly helpful if backorders are allowed and such products are 'in stock', even though their quantity is zero.

List 'Out of Stock' products last pages
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Improved Sorting

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