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Product Labels Extension is used for highlight your products using different labels like new products, special offer, etc. You can upload labels based on different conditions like date time duration, price range, stock status and selected product and categories.

  • Display labels on specific page like product view page, listing page, search and advanced search page.
  • Support multi store and customer groups.
  • Support multi labels and display sort order wise labels.
  • Able to choose position of label and dimensions.
  • Choose text color, font size and variables for label text.
  • Create conditions on which product want to display label.
  • Choose time period for display of labels.
  • Display labels based on product price and stock status.
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Placed eye-catching logos to show the product so that consumers are easily aware of individual products. Using preset label text variables and conveniently upload images of all shapes from your own label.

Test how our customers improve product label sales

Discounts promoting

The secret to selling more is free delivery too.

appealing discounts page
custom stock status page

State of custom stock

They notify and enhance the shopping experience of consumers.

Offers exclusive

With 'Special Edition' or 'New' labels, attract consumer interest.

special offer page
extra sales and promotion page

Additional sales and discounts

In different ways, it promotes products.

Render the labels automated.

Show different logos for different groups of customers

The great way to promote attention to the multiple customer categories is to take complete advantage of your catalogue possibilities. For this reason, our product labelling tool is planned.

Display Magento 2 product badges with hot offers to general consumers, a loyalty scheme for members of the programme and bulk discounts exclusively for wholesalers.

Show different logos for different groups of customers
Conditions page labels

Automate offers and criteria labels

You can ignore about all of the 30 conditions after setting Magento stickers. Labels are quickly switched on and off. For instance, for products with Cars collection' attribute, you can display 'Automatic' labels.

Users with the rule 'if the stock is less than X'

To cause a label show, set a maximum and minimum inventory stock. You can encourage consumers to make a shopping decision more easily by displaying low-stock goods and labels like 'Nearly Sold Off ,' or 'Only products left {Stock}'

rule page
Page of price range

Set price range for labels

Defined price range for labels to be advertised and will be only displayed on products that fulfil this criterion. The pricing category you choose to choose can be chosen as well: base price, special price, final price etc. You will also support low-priced goods by using Magento sticker extension.

Set the time span for viewing product labelling

Specify unique sticker dates and time periods. When the time span is over, the labels stop appearing automatically. In the sales season, this choice is incredibly beneficial. In addition, by optimising your SEO efficiency with the magento seo solution you can further improve promotion campaigns.

Product label view page time span

Inform clients about your deals quickly

Condition page with highlight

Highlight latest collections with condition 'New'

Displays the labels by the date that the 'New' product condition is formed.

Items highlight of 'On Sale'

To enable the label display, set minimum reduction number or percentage and automatically show sales.

highlight product on sale page
Page of labels of items out of stock

Out-of-stock products configuration

Showing just 'Out-of-stock label' if the commodity is out of stock. To prevent confusing consumers, cover the other functioning brands.

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