Shipping Restrictions Extension For Magento 2

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Shipping Restrictions Extension helps to make shipping process reliable and legal. Every product, cart are under control of this extension.

  • Shipping with coupon can be enable/disable.
  • Restrictions can be made on clients shipping data
  • Store views and customer groups can be use as restriction base
  • Automatically stop particular shipping method of the shipping carrier
  • On basis of information of order and attributes restriction can apply on shipping
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As a basis for restrictions on shipping methods, utilising various criteria (products, cart and consumer attributes). Improve the shipping process: flexibility and productivity.

Apply The Shipping Process To Your Company Needs

Restricted such carrier shipping methods

Shipping Restrictions Extension For Magento 2, a cost efficient delivery approach is developed. Carriers typically supply their clients with many different shipping types, such as ground, air, sea and so on. Instead of blocking the carriers, the module will only limit excessive carriage methods. For eg, it takes around a week to reduce ground mail methods for the short-lived items.

The shipment limitations feature now enriches the Magento 2 admin panel. For each individual event, it lets you set or cancel Grid restrictions. In order to make correct volume and weight calculations we suggest that you take a look at our expansion of the dhl magento 2 extension.

Carrier page shipment methods page

Setup With Adjustable Restriction

Efficient shipping management page

Efficient shipping management

Arrange shipping destinations and apply stringent guidelines for the whole area concurrently. Adaptable configurations may contain or remove territories, countries, areas, towns, zip codes, etc. from the region. For eg, the construction of a suitable shipping area for these destinations enables you to block distribution in remote regions quickly.

Tax and discounts on the subtotal order

Using this way to restrict the services of other consumers. If the consumer uses a voucher which falls below $90, for example, the free shipment will not be extended due to the discounted subtotal if Magento 2 were automatically granted free shipment, if someone's subtotal is above $90.

Page Discount & Tax
Set limits page

Set restrictions on particular days

If you can not offer goods on those days, such as restrict delivery on weekends or on holidays, this choice can be very helpful.

Allow shipping methods for a specific category of customers

For Magento 2 you can limit the methods of specific group of customers, for instance you can only allow access for wholesale users to the free Magento 2 shipping process.

Unique group of consumers page
Enable coupon shipping page

Limit or authorise coupon shipment

If a consumer uses a voucher, you can add limitations. For eg, you deliver Magento 2 to your customers free of charge and have begun an advertisement campaign of discount vouchers. In this scenario, you can:

  • Delete free shipment if a coupon is used by the customer
  • Provide free delivery as a voucher savings bonus.
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Shipping Restrictions Extension

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