Upgrade to Magento 2

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Finding the appropriate support to work with during your migration, or another extension on Magento 2, is the way to an effective development and improvement procedure.

In case you're still tweaking up your Magento 1 site, stop!

Magento is the best open-source e-commerce platform accessible powering more than 200,000 websites, assisting with generating over $50 billion in annual sales.

Magento 2 pushes the limits with respect to what is conceivable significantly further! A quicker advancement environment with improved coding and a hi-tech code stack empowers us to make far and even superior eCommerce sites.

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Top reasons to move up to Magento 2

Magento 2 pushes the limits concerning what's possible much further!

Varnish and Full Page Cache

Table execution and numerous databases

Improved B2B User experience

Visitor and two-step checkout

Content staging and review

Advanced default theme

Progressively secure, simpler support and upgrades

Decreased Javascript libraries

Improved B2B User experience

Top reasons to move up to Magento 2

With Magento extraordinary support for Magento 1 toward the end of June 2020, you see numerous partners sticking to this same pattern and your site will turn out to be progressively hard to support.

We suggest you begin switching soon, with an arrangement to guarantee you are on the new Magento 2 platform before Magento 1 support stops.

Any kind of development starts with a discovery stage and bunches of considerations about your prerequisites and requirements, so we prescribe connecting with us to begin the conversations early.

We are getting a lot of enquiries about migration to Magento 2, thus will a ton of different agencies! In case you need to have the option to have a decision in who builds your Magento 2 site, don't delay it to the latest possible time - connect with us today!

For what reason will Magento stop supporting Magento 1?

Magento 1 got released in 2008. With the goal for Magento to remain the main open-source web-based business platform, it is essential that the platform uses the most recent coding guidelines to offer versatility, security, and execution. The entirety of this comes out-of-the-case with Magento 2 just all-in-all host of exclusive new highlights to boost your site ahead.

Is it going to break the bank?

Migrating to Magento 2 doesn't really cost equivalent to a re-platform. Anyway, the way toward getting to Magento 2 isn't only a redesign – it's a genuine opportunity to take a look at purifying the information, re-examining functionalities, evacu ate redundancy & legacy code, or some other aspects of the site that are not basic to the business.

It is a magnificent chance to return to your site design; Magento 2 is based on a mobile-first framework, a future-sealed platform that will empower you to understand the genuine capability of a completely responsive site to connect with customers at each phase of their day.

Starting here onwards any new highlights you need to create on Magento 1 will be at your expense! At the end of the day, each £ you currently spend on Magento 1 will potentially be spent again on Magento 2, when you update.

How we play out a Magento 2 migration

The relocation path comprises of 3 procedures


Magento has propelled a brand-new Marketplace explicitly for M2. A considerable lot of the most well-known M1 expansions that shippers are utilizing today are probably going to have just been redeveloped for the M2 platform.

Magento is effectively connecting with sellers to guarantee they update their expansions to the M2 format. In spite of the fact that Marketplace is quickly developing with augmentations, if the module you require isn't accessible, at that point we can construct this for you.

Themes and customisations

Like expansions, current M1 themes won't work in M2. All the code should be refactored and revamped from scratch. The advantages of this:

  • Themes will be built to the most recent best practice
  • Speed exhibitions
  • More prominent adherence to Google's prerequisites
  • A general increment in usability

Information Migration

For the data relocation, Magento has made an adaptable information migration tool to help with migrating key data collections from M1 to M2. At its center, a device is a command-line tool that associates with a database that is designed to hold M1 information.

Before running the underlying information migration tool, we'll help you choose what information should be moved, and how best to establish that. It's an extraordinary chance to clear up and evacuate redundancy.

When the initial information migration is finished, we'll utilize the delta migration facility to overcome any barrier between the last information import and any new data that has come across. This permits traders to take M1 information and play out the underlying import early.